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This letter was received from Johann Coetzee on 21st May 2020:
"Hi There,
"I came across your site while doing some reading/research on the period 1930 to 1980 in Southern Africa. In particular the period 1940 to 1970s
As a white South African i am torn between a sense of pride on how my forefathers survived a brutal class system and created a new home in Africa on the one hand and the horrible, and some absolutely tragic actions (outside of war) taken.
"How does one reconcile the two? I was hoping to get some insight from you because it seems you are a scholar of history and well versed about the period in this part of the world.
"I mean do you feel pride in the atrocity of the Ian Smith regime? The rabid actions of the Scouts or the penury of the locals (which is worse today, sadly) while white lives like land lords off their backs? How does one escape one injustice to perpetrate another?
"This is becoming a very tough subject for me and I appreciate any help or perspective.

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